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Software FAQ

  1. Registering Movi™/Movi™ Pro
  2. Demo version functionality
  3. What are the capabilities of the demo version of Movi™/Movi™ Pro?
  4. Installing FTDI serial driver
  5. Software cannot find scantool
  6. Problem reading trouble codes
  7. VIN not available
  8. Preference Settings
  9. OBD Headers checkbox
  10. What is the OBD Protocol selection box used for?
  11. Saving live data
  12. Raw data
  13. Voices settings


1. How do I register Movi™/Movi™ Pro?

To make Movi™/Movi™ Pro fully functional you must register it by purchasing a licensed copy at our store. You will receive a confirmation email with a registration code enclosed. To activate the full version, launch Movi™/Movi™ Pro and simply go to (Movi > Preferences). In the "Register" tab, input your name in the "Registered To:" field and enter your personalized registration code into the "Registration Code:" field. Once complete the full features of Movi™/Movi™ Pro will be active.

Movi / Movi™ Pro Activation

2. I have the demo version of your Movi™/Movi™ Pro software but I donʼt have full access to the software features.

The demo version of Movi™/Movi Pro™ is limited and only provides live data and indicates whether or not there is a trouble code stored in your vehicle. The demo version does not provide the viewing of trouble codes and is unable to clear the check engine light. You must purchase the full version of Movi™/Movi™ Pro to activate all features. To activate the full version you must purchase and enter a registration code.

3. What are the capabilities of the demo version of Movi™/Movi™ Pro?

If you already own a USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi interface that can connect to your Mac, you may download our FREE demo version of Movi/Movi Pro™ to determine it’s compatibility. The demo version of Movi™ and Movi™ Pro allows the viewing of live data and indicates if a trouble code is present. To view the description or clear the trouble code as well as view PIDs (Parameter IDs) you must purchase the full version.

4. How do I determine if my USB to serial driver (FTDI Driver) is installed correctly?

Preference Example

First you must download and install the most recent FT232R FTDI driver from Be sure to restart your computer after installing the driver. If you did not purchase our USB or Bluetooth ODB 2 hardware interface, the interface may contain a different USB to serial converter chip, in which case the FTDI driver may not work. If you installed the FTDI driver from the link above, you can determine if the serial port driver was installed correctly in Terminal. Open the Terminal app in the utilities folder (Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities > Terminal), and at the command prompt type "ls /dev". Among many other things, there should be something similar to "cu.usbserial-xxxxxx " and "tty.usbserial-xxxxxx". If not, the FTDI serial driver did not install correctly. See example below.

FTDI serial driver

5. What does it mean when Movi™/Movi™ Pro shows "Scan Tool Not Found?" 

This can mean a few things.
  1. The serial to USB driver is not installed correctly.
  2. The wrong serial port is selected in Movi's preferences.
  3. The third party interface does not have an ELM327 chip.
  4. The interface is not powered.
  5. For USB and Bluetooth interfaces, the serial port settings are incorrect.
  6. Wi-Fi interfaces - the Movi™ Network settings or the System Network settings are incorrect.

Ensure the vehicle’s ignition is in the “on” position. Some vehicles require the engine off and the ignition in the “on” position to connect. Verify the there is a voltage reading (12 volts or greater) in the lower left corner of the Movi™/Movi Pro™ window. When Movi™/Movi™ Pro connects to an interface, “Chip: ELM327 v.x.x” will display at the bottom of the window (see image below) along with the OBD protocol of your vehicle. If the serial port and ELM327 are displayed but the OBD protocol is not present, your vehicle may not be OBD 2 certified,This may also be an indication that there is an issue with the vehicle’s OBD connection or system, in which case you may want to try toggling the Movi’s headers on and off. (Movi > Preferences > Settings)

Screen Shot Explanation

6. I can see that there is power in the Movi™/Movi™ Pro software interface, but I canʼt see any Trouble Codes.

Ensure Movi™/Movi™ Pro does not state "Demo" in the title bar. at the top of the application window. If Movi™/Movi™ Pro is reading a battery voltage and displaying an ELM327 chip similar to this screen shot the issue is most commonly a communication problem. Ensure you have established a secure hardware connection as the OBD 2 plug a requires a fair amount of pressure to connect properly. You may try increasing the timeout to ensure Movi™/Movi™ Pro is waiting long enough for the vehicle’s response. Also, verify that your vehicle is OBD 2 compliant. There should be a small emission control label under the hood of your vehicle that states that your vehicle is "OBD 2 Certified". Lastly, in rare cases the interface will partially communicate with the vehicle even when the wrong port speed is set. In this scenario, select a few different port speeds in Movi/Movi Pro’s preferences to determine if this is the case.

OBD II Certified Label

7. Movi™/Movi™ Pro cannot read VIN.

The request for the VIN is rarely supported by manufacturers through the OBD 2 system.

Movi™/Movi™ Pro Settings:

8. What are the Temperature, Distance and Pressure settings for?

These settings are used to set the units titles for the data displayed by Movi™/Movi™ Pro.

Timeout Screen Shot

9. What is the OBD Headers On checkbox for?

If OBD Headers On is checked, Movi™/Movi™ Pro will instruct the OBD interface to return data with an additional header prefix, which is the default. Movi™/Movi Pro™ will automatically attempt to detect if a header was returned with the data. If you are experiencing trouble communicating with your vehicle, attempt to connect to your vehicle with this box unchecked.

10. What is the OBD Protocol selection box used for?

Typically the OBD Protocol selection should be set to “0 - Automatic”. The ELM327 chip will then automatically detect the protocol of your vehicle and use the appropriate protocol. In some cases although rare, vehicles use two different protocols for sending data through the OBD port. In this case, some of the vehicles PIDs may not be displayed. If you have identified which protocols your vehicle uses, manually select them to retrieve the additional PIDs associated with the second protocol.

Timeout Screen Shot

11. What is the Live Data Folder for?

The Live Data Folder is where the vehicle’s data files will be saved when recording live data in Movi™ Pro. Live Data Folder Preference

12. What is the raw data for?

You may use raw data recording to determine problems when connecting or retrieving data from your vehicle. This displays the raw data returned by the ELM327 chip. You can view the raw data in a window.

Raw Data Menu Tab

Or you can set Movi/Movi Pro’s preferences to automatically record it to a file destination of your choice.Raw Data Preference

13. What is Live Data Speech for?

In Movi™ Pro you can enable Live Data Speech (Voices), which will audibly speak live data values when they are retrieved from your vehicle. Voices may also speak the description to help clarify which value is being spoken. Voices is useful when the computer screen is out of view while working on, or observing the function of your vehicle.

Speech Preference